Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Here come the seedlings!

So, today is February 1st, and here in MN I have water standing in my yard.  Now this is a sight normally reserved for March and April up here...It certainly makes us yearn for spring!  We have had the mildest winter in my memory.

On a related note, the USDA has released a new Plant Hardiness Zone Map .  We are still in Zone 4b, but there are actually parts of southern Minnesota in Zone 5a!  I'm not sure this will get us growing anything tropical up here, but it may inspire a few of us to branch out, so to speak...

"Baby" Asparagus
For a seedling update, our Asparagus are coming!  So far, 8 of the 15 have sprouted and are doing well.  With a germination rate of 72%, we are still hoping to see a few more seedlings pop up.  The tomatoes are still doing well too, being carefully watched over under the grow light by little Ellie.
Tomatoes, Asparagus & Ellie!

We also have a greenhouse update - after some back-breaking work, the floor is in.  Next comes the insulation and the permanent subfloor.

February is here everyone, that means we are only a few months away from warmth and sunshine.  Enjoy your valentines!