Saturday, 22 September 2012

Frost Warning Tonight

The first frost warning of the season is projected for tonight, fall is officially here.  We will do a few things to prepare:
  • Water - everything will get a good dose of water this evening
  • Pots - the potted tomatoes and peppers will get moved into the garage overnight
  • Harvest - we'll pick anything that is ready (or close to ready)
  • Cover - we'll also take sheets out to protect the tomatoes, cukes, peppers and squash.
Check out Cornell's article, Understanding Frost, in my documents in the side panel for further info.

Getting the garden prepared for fall will involve a few things.  I had hoped to do a cold frame this year, but the rabbits ate all my fall plantings so nothing to put in the cold frame.  Next year we'll need to do smaller openings in the fence.  When the summer plants are done, we will use the broadfork on the soil and spread out this year's compost.  We will also put on a layer of mulched leaves when they fall.   The rest of the leaves and the remains of the summer plants will go in the compost bin.

On the patio, we'll bring in the two pepper plants that we put in pots this year - perhaps these will overwinter in the greenhouse.  The rest of the pots and barrels will all be emptied (except the one with the lemon balm - this one might come back next year).  I think I'll save the dirt in a pile to use on the potatoes next year.  I also have 3 tuberous begonia plants that I'm going to try to overwinter.  I think I'll try the following instructions:

 Yet to do this year - something with the peppers.  I think we will dry a bunch of the hot peppers this year to have flakes for seasoning.  We'll also probably make some hot sauce or salsa pretty soon - maybe next weekend.  Time to do some research for recipes!  Oh yes, and I want to try out some jalapeno jelly.

Thinking for next year, I'm wondering if I should add some more bulbs this fall (flower bulbs).  I'd like to put in some garlic in October too if we can find it.  I'm also planning on trying my root veggies (beets, carrots, kohlrabi) in containers next year to avoid the bunnies at all costs.  We'll see how they do.  I may also try my beans and peas in containers to try and save them from the rodents.  I may also plant some flowers like marigolds that may discourage the little buggers.  I also need to figure out how to keep the ants from going to town on my strawberries...