Sunday, 19 August 2012

Those rascally rabbits!

Yup, they ate off my beans and peas again.  And went back for the kohlrabi and beets that were trying to recover.  Sigh.

Good news is the tomatoes and peppers are doing well!  Maybe we'll have to do stuffed peppers this week.  We also have some summer squash coming.  We had 1 yellow one and 1 green one for dinner the other night which were yummy.  We've got some green ones growing and a few new blossoms.

The cucumbers are also doing okay.  I picked two little ones off the vine the other day just to try them.  Hopefully we'll get a bunch more.  They are now 5ft tall I'd say.

I tried a carrot yesterday.  It was about as round as a nickle, so not too bad!  It only grew about 4-5 inches long though, which I'm guessing is due to my soil not being loose enough. 

I'm not seeing much of the new seeds I planted, but the rabbits could be eating those off at the ground too.

I dug up a few more potatoes yesterday and made corn chowder with local sweet corn from the store - it was yummy!

That's all for now - more to come soon!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

What a beautiful day!

Today's weather was beautiful!  We have opened up the windows in the house for the first time this summer (or at least it feels like the first time).  The garden is also doing well - the beans and some of the peas have already sprouted.  Let's see if they can find the trellis this time!