Friday, 27 January 2012

New Directions!

We have directions!  Directions for all of the seeds can be found on here in document form (specific to our seeds) or on Johnny's Seeds Website here.  Our goal is to start this year following the directions to a "T"...and if we have any issues...try some new techniques next time around. 

We've also started a few seeds indoors at the farm just to get the party started.  We planted 15 Asparagus seeds on January 17, 2012 in seed starting mix in 2" pots.  They are sitting on a heat mat in the house and we are waiting for signs of life.  The asparagus, once established, will be placed in a cool setting to simulate winter, and will be planted outside in the spring.

We've also planted Tomatoes:
  • Heirloom Tall Vine Moskvich
  • Hybrid, Red Grape
  • Heirloom Tall Vine Brandywine
  • Heirloom Tall Vine Debarao
We planted one pot of each kind, with 2 seeds per 2" pot in seed starting mix, on January 18, 2012.  By January 20th, the seeds started to germinate.  By January 23rd, both seeds in each pot are 1-2 inches tall and have 2 leaves.  On January 23rd, they were moved off the heat mat into the East kitchen window.  As you can see...they are all doing well and pretty much even at this point.  The plan is to start another round of tomato seeds next months.  We're doing test plantings this year to see if we can get tomatoes growing in the greenhouse and perhaps ready for pollination in early summer!

Tomatoes 01.27.2012

Tomorrow is a big day - we are finishing the floor substructure in the greenhouse at the farm...which should put us one step closer to a working, unheated space.  More pictures to come...

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