Saturday, 28 July 2012

Today's Harvest


Pepper Row
As promised - pictures!  Here is what the garden looks like today.  The tomatoes are flourishing.  We've had some cherry tomatoes and 3 of the Zebra's ready to harvest.  I anticipate some Romas will be ripe soon.

The Peppers are also doing well.  We don't have any that are ripe yet, but most of the plants have multiple peppers on them and they seem to enjoy the heat and humidity! 

The squash are also doing well, but we don't have any fruit yet.  The blossoms have started to drop off, which I'm not sure if it's blossom drop or just normal fruiting.  Hopefully we'll get some yummy squash this year.  The cucumbers also got in late, but have taken to the trellis quite well and have grown 6" in the last few days.  The leaves are still small on the cukes, but there are tons of blossoms.


The tomato plants on the patio are also doing well, here is a pic along with one of the pepper plants that has a pretty red pepper on it.  As you can see, the potted tomatoes look pretty tough but the tomatoes are sure delicious!

And finally, today's harvest!  All of the onions are up and you can see them below.  There seems to be different results across the different types of onions.  The yellows seem to have gotten the biggest with the whites up next.  The red onions didn't seem to do much (will need to research this over the winter!).  Also, the shallots did great and I'm very excited to have these in my pantry.  This is the second major haul of cherry tomatoes I've made.  The oval-shaped ones on the left are from the potted plant and the perfectly round ones are from my Matt's Wild Cherry plant in the garden.  The former are very sweet, almost like candy, while the latter have a much stronger tomato flavor.  The larger tomatoes are all from the patio except the one on the far right which if you look closely, you can see the zebra stripes!  For the potatoes, we had an issue with creeping charlie and it seem to strangle a few of the potato plants.  I pulled these up and dug up a handful of potatoes.  There are still about 6 or so plants left in the ground.

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