Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fall is here

Well, it's official. Harvest season is over. We had our first major Frost this weekend on Saturday, October 6th for those who are counting. The leaves are turning, and falling. Since my fall veggie plantings got nibbled up, it's time to clear the garden beds and get them ready for the winter.

We will pull up all the old, frost-killed plants, spread out the compost, and use the broad fork to work our leaves into the topsoil. The old plants and any extra leaves will go into the compost bin.

We do have a few things to go into the ground this fall though! I bought garlic that we will plant this fall for harvest next year, as well as some spring Crocus. Okay, by 'some', I mean I bought 100 bulbs!! Don't tell Brad...

They are going to go in the front yard underneath a tree where it is difficult to grow grass. Supposedly they will love it there. Hopefully next spring we will be welcomed by a mass of little purple flowers!

Both should go in the ground this week.

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  1. Love crocus, should be really pretty. I am also putting the gardens to bed for the winter. Lisa and I have been talking cover crops and I am thinking i would like to try some next year but not sure if spring or fall. Need to do a little more research but then that is what the winter is for--reading and planning. A new picture of biggest fan would be nice.