Saturday, 15 June 2013

Honey...the Bunny Hunter

It was a historic day today. Honey, at the young age of almost four, saw her first rabbit! She even caught the scent and sent it scurrying out of the garden.

And with that, we should update you on the happenings of the past month or so. We have a bit of a Rabbit Problem. They have eaten my hastas, my pepper plants, my basil, my tomato plants IN the pots on the patio, the peas, and I think maybe they were the ones to take out the beet and kohlrabi shoots. We've started our plan to deter them by getting out the chicken wire. I'm hoping once the plants have a chance to grow a bit the bunnies won't be as interested.

We have a new neighbor. He was raking up an old leaf pile and disturbed about 30 baby bunnies. Yup. That's what I said. 30. So, a bit of a Rabbit Problem. They've moved in under our shed as well.

So we are putting in a permanent fence and have set out live traps. We've caught two baby bunnies so far and released them a few miles away from our house in a nice little wooded area. We will just keep at it until they move on out of our yard. Hopefully, Honey actually chasing after them and sniffing around their nest will encourage them out of our yard too!

We also have an Ant problem in the garden. They are everywhere and eating all our spinach! We've set out bait hoping they'll take it back to their hill. Sigh.

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Next time yell "Squirrel" so she thinks that the rabbit is a squirrel. Maybe she will realize that it is okay to chase. It is hard having such a polite, well behaved garden 'guarder.' Proud of her.

  2. Even better, we are teaching her "Rabbit" (not to be confused with Honey Bunny), and she runs over to e garden and shed to find them instead of the trees to find the squirrels!

    1. AND, another bunny in the trap this morning! One more down.