Friday, 20 June 2014

Elephant Ears

So, I am pretty sure we have gotten over a foot of rain in the last week or so, which means the weeds are very happy and I haven't gotten into the garden at all, but I promise to update on Sunday after a full day of weeding!

I did just cut a whole bowl of lettuce for dinner, taste testing as I picked it.  It doesn't seem too bitter given the hot temps we have had.  I did throw out the radishes though, they were super bitter!

In the meantime, I am super excited to say our Elephant Ear Bulbs have officially survived the winter!  We stored them in a portion of our garage that stays around 50 degrees in a brown paper bag.  We saw little sprouts come up a week or so ago, but the leaves have now unfurled and we officially have little plants!  They were planted mid to late May, so it took just over a month.  I think/hope now that they have leaves they will grow quickly.  Aren't they fun? 

Also, here is my Zinnia.  So pretty!

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  1. Great pictures. Love all the exuberant color. Sunday is garden day at my house too but not sure if it will be weeding or mowing or planting. It is good to have choices.