Saturday, 24 March 2012

Butterfly Garden

Switching modes a little bit, I'm thinking about my butterfly garden this evening.  Right now, I'm perusing the Friends School Plant Sale website for ideas - which is very cool because they let you create your own shopping list for the sale in May!  The sale is Mother's Day Weekend, and they have annuals, perennials, bulbs, vegetables and shrubs filling up the grandstand at the MN State Fair Grounds.  Be prepared to spend some time, or volunteer to get a head start!

On the list of possibilities so far, we have Pentas (Athena Neon Magenta) and Verbena (Obsession Blue with Eye), both Annuals.  I'm also thinking of adding some Asters, maybe a Chokeberry shrub, Potentilla or Viburnums.

I'm eager for flowers!

As far as the vegetable garden goes, we didn't get as much done today as hoped.  We did get the fence set up, the beds marked out, and I started moving the compost bin, etc., but there was a large, mouse-like rodent in the pile.  We have seen this critter before (I'm pretty sure he lives under the shed).  Our guard dog was more interested in me throwing her ball than in chasing the intruder that pretty much killed the garden work for the day.  I don't handle creepy crawly critters scurrying around my feet all that well.  Good news is, tomorrow is only Sunday so there's still time to get some work done.

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  1. At the farm it appears that spring has arrived as the garter snakes are no longer hibernating. Nothing like almost tripping over one on the way back from the mailbox to get your heart beating a little faster.