Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Lettuce Are Coming! The Lettuce Are Coming!

Radishes - Day 5
Well, it's official - we have germination!  Where there was nothing to be seen yesterday we have little shoots, nicely in a row.  Some are speedier than others.  The D'Avignon radishes for example - there was absolutely nothing in that planting row yesterday and today they are taking the lead by far.  Some of them, like the beets, we are still waiting for signs of life, but we are expecting sun the next few days and I hope everything will take off!

Hopefully we can spend tomorrow afternoon in the garden.  My top priorities are:  Putting up the fence now that we have yummy lettuces growing, pulling up the rest of the sod, plotting out the beds and getting the other cold season crops into the ground.  We'll do a temperature reading tomorrow to see where the soil is at - but it hasn't gotten above 70 this week and we've had plenty of rain so I think they should still be just about right.

To update on the other seeds:
  • Spinach - not much to be seen yet
  • Arugula - Day 5 - A nice little row of seedlings, barely off the ground
  • Green Romaine - Another nice little row, but kind of sparse
  • Red Romaine - Nothing to speak of
  • Green Butterhead - Nothing here either
  • Red Grand Rapids - Nada
  • Green Grand Rapids - Little seedlings coming through
  • Radishes - doing great as we mentioned above
  • Beets - nothing yet
In other parts of the yard, the bulbs keep doing well but still no blooms.  We do have solid leaves on the lilacs though!  Soon the whole south side of our yard will be green :-)  Happy gardening everyone!

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