Sunday, 1 April 2012

2nd Planting!

We had the first bloom of the season today!  Not something I have planted - a crocus maybe?  It makes me want to plant more...

A visit to Chicago this week has left me a bit jealous of their Zone 5-ness.  Everything seemed to be in bloom!  From the tulips and hyacinths to the lilacs along the highway.  It was a much welcomed site and one I hope will be here soon.  Many of my tulips now have large buds on them and I'm hoping a day or two of sunny weather will bring bounties of color to our yard.

We made some more progress today in the vegetable garden.  I took up a few rows of the remaining sod (still a bit to go) and made my second plantings of Spinach, Arugula, Beets, Green & Red Lettuce, and Radishes.  Still nothing coming up from my Carrots/Scallions/Kohlrabi/Pea planting, but those guys all take awhile to germinate.  My initial lettuce plantings are still continuing to grow (the radishes are quickly outpacing the others, as they should).  The rhubarb is coming along exceptionally well considering my tomatoes shaded them all of last year - but still nothing from the Asparagus.  Hopefully the bunnies didn't kill them permanently when they ate all of the foliage off last year (rascally rabbits!).

The Easter Holiday comes next weekend, so I don't anticipate much work in the garden (maybe late Sunday afternoon if the weather cooperates?), but I'd like to get another round of peas in the ground as well as the potatoes and onion sets.  Perhaps Thursday will do...

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  1. What a nice picture, I love the vibrant colors. It has been too windy today to do much outside. My tree from you is starting to leaf out, but no flowers yet. It is amazing how tall it has gotten. I sent a picture. One of the apples has buds started. I am working on the flower bed,some of the perennials are starting to come. I am hoping to have the perennial bed all tidy before you come so let me know your ETA. :)