Sunday, 8 April 2012


So the next two nights bring frost warnings our way, with the temperatures dipping into the high 20's.  We're keeping a close eye on the weather channel (.com that is), and now tonight is looking like it will only drop down to 38F and tomorrow down to 32F...or maybe 31F depending on your source.  Come what may, we've done a bit to prepare.  Now, everything we've planted says it's frost-friendly, but this is really my first try at cool weather crops so we're not going to take anything for granted.  So after a bit of research, I've watered all of my seedlings/plants.  Apparently, the moisture helps hold heat and adds a degree or two and also helps the plants withstand the dropping temperatures (not to mention after being away for 2.5 days they needed to be watered).  I also went the extra step and put sheets over the beds with seedlings (and the strawberries).  Again, I probably didn't have to but it would be such a shame to lose this brilliant early spring to a few hours of freezing temperatures!

I am willing to predict this will be our last bit of low 30s for the season.  But just maybe it'll take out the mosquitos!!  One can only hope.

On the agenda for tomorrow...mowing the lawn.

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