Thursday, 12 April 2012


The first trellis for the peas is officially in the garden!  If the peas seem to like it, we'll put in another 2-3 for the 2nd pea planting and the pole beans.  For about $40, I don't think it's too bad for a 4-sided pyramid trellis.  We get 8 feet of plantings in a 2'x2' square!

We didn't get the potatoes in the ground tonight - decided to go out and play BINGO instead ("we" won $99!).  Won't get done tomorrow either, but Saturday is looking promising.

We did get the live trap though - hopefully it'll go in the ground tomorrow.  Rascally rodent.

We have our second planting of spinach, beets and a couple of the lettuces coming up (I didn't have time to check which ones - but I'll check this weekend).

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  1. Your trellis looks beautiful. Garden art as well as function. Good luck catching your rodent. Congratulations on your bingo win!