Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One more time...

No frost damage to report.  My tulip blooms looked quite sad this morning, but by my return from work they had perked right back up.  I cut them off tonight and brought them inside to enjoy for a few days just in case the 26F temps decide to wipe them out.  I also cut up the potatoes so they can develop a "scab" over their cut sides before putting them in the ground, hopefully tomorrow if it warms up a bit.  They're taking over my kitchen counter.

Unfortunately, the trellis will have to be put on hold as work calls tonight.  Hopefully that can get put together tomorrow too.

We saw evidence of our little rodent frenemy who lives under the shed today.  I had noticed the last few days that their appeared to be little nibbles taken out of our radish leaves and the new strawberry leaves, as well as some of the tiny lettuces.  Not complete demolition, but more like taste testing.  I wasn't sure what was doing it, since the fence is up, but tonight we saw a fresh hole coming from under the shed (we can blockaded off his last one).  Next steps:  live traps.  He must think my garden is the creme de la creme!

On a related note, there was a VERY large bunny in our yard this morning.  I think she's the one who has gone to town on our blueberries this winter.  We may need to cage those up as well...supposedly they love them!

Tonight we've gone through the same frost preparation - a nice watering and old bedsheets over the top.  Hopefully we can make it successfully through one more night.

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