Thursday, 5 April 2012


My tulips are blooming!  The blooms are coming slowly...but they are coming and just in time for Easter.  We also are seeing the first sprouts on our kohlrabi and the peas are coming!  I also picked up potatoes, onion (red, white and yellow), and scallion sets at Gertens today, which will hopefully go in the ground tomorrow.  I got a bunch of stuff moved, but still need to move a pile of sod and pull up the remaining sod before the potatoes can go in the ground.
I also, on a whim, picked up some strawberry plants!  We have 6 plants that I think will fruit in June, and 2 everproducing plants.  Mmmmm....strawberries....

Also on the agenda for this weekend:  Thinning the radishes I think?  They are about an inch tall, so we'll pull out every other one.  We will wait to thin the lettuces until they are large enough to use as baby greens.  Yummy!

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